Longines EEF Series



The partnership between Longines and the European Equestrian Federation, which started in 2015, contributes to developing the sport across the continent, while strengthening the watchmaker’s long-lasting commitment to the equestrian world.

Longines’ passion for equestrian sports started in the early years following the brand’s inception in the 19th century. It all began in 1869 when Longines produced its first pocket watch with an equestrian motif. Longines’ name soon became associated with sports timekeeping. As the brand continued to push the limits of precision, it gradually became more involved in the equestrian world. A new phase began in 1912 when Longines first engaged in a show jumping competition. It was in Lisbon, Portugal, marking the beginning of a long and successful relationship with the discipline. Longines’ early involvement in the equestrian world did not happen by chance as the two worlds share the same values: Elegance, Tradition and Performance.

Since then, Longines has maintained a steadfast commitment alongside the organizers of leading equestrian events and is now more active than ever. Over the years, the brand has strived to enrich the discipline, to bring it to life, to thrill and be thrilled in time with the seconds measured by its watches and timekeepers featuring ever more precise and advanced technologies.

KEP Italia

Established in 2007 by founders Lelia Polini and Bianca Collet-Serret, KEP Italia is a leading producer of riding helmets. Our mission, from the outset, has been to create more comfortable, safer, and more innovative equestrian helmets than the ones currently available on the market, exploring and combining the best solutions in terms of design, technology, materials, and safety.

Since launching the first model, every single helmet was made traceable and subject to rigorous checks by international safety certification bodies for the equestrian sector.

Safety is our top priority. Protecting riders by providing them with the best in terms of safety is our mission and responsibility.

The materials and details of our helmets and accessories are all exclusively 100% made in Italy. In fact, we are the only in the sector to achieve the enviable “100% Made in Italy” certification.

Customization is a device. ‘Bespoke’ requests, limited editions, art and fashion have propelled our product beyond the realm of a mere riding helmet, transforming it into an element that not only prioritizes protection but also reflects the style and personality of those who wear it.

KEP represents the best in Italian excellence, which is why KEP keeps a close eye on the latest fashion trends, offering with every new collection original and avant-garde concepts.

KEP helmets are distributed today worldwide and the preferred choice of numerous top amazons and riders, who trust KEP helmets for their safety.


Gorla Minore

25-28 April


30 May - 2 June



01-07 May


13-16 June



16-19 May


06-09 June


Stutteri Ask

15-19 May


06-09 June



20-23 June


11-14 July



5-8 September